As a trusted professional service BWT physio is fully compliant with all government and professional body requirements.

We will safeguard both you and your therapist during face to face treatment.

BWT Practitioners are tested weekly for COVID-19

So what should you expect of us?

  • Our customer service team will check that you and your household are not exhibiting any symptoms when you call to make an appointment
  • Your therapist will call you prior to your clinic visit to carry out a telephone triage (assessment) – please see below.
  • On arrival please ring the doorbell to let us know you have arrived, a member of the customer service team will come out to greet you and ask that you kindly wait in your car. (If traveling by public transport or taxi a socially distanced waiting area is available)
  • Your therapist will come out to the car to bring you in to the clinic for treatment. Family members are not permitted and no personal belongings should be brought into the clinic
  • You will be required to wear a mask and sanitise your hands in the porch on entry, the therapist will wear a mask, gloves and an apron that will be changed after every patient
  • No fabric couch covers will be used. Couches will be wiped down with high alcohol content wipes and clean paper towel applied between each patient.
  • Appointment times will be staggered with minimal numbers of individuals in the building at any one time to reduce the likelihood of any transmission of the virus.
  • Entry and exit from the clinic will be safely managed by our customer service team.

Cleaning between Patients

There will be time allocated between each patient in the clinic, to allow the therapist to wipe clean all areas required in the treatment room and to change PPE. This will also be done prior to the first and after the last patient each day.

The customer service team will wipe any required areas between patients such as the PDQ and to sanitise any area a patient may have touched.

Each customer service team member will clean their work station and PDQ at the start of each session, and will clean it before they leave.

Therapist Telephone Triage (Assessment)  Prior to Booking Appointment

  • All new and returning patients will be called by a therapist prior to booking their clinic treatment. The therapist must clinically reason that the face to face consultation is clinically indicated and that a video consultation would be difficult to achieve a correct diagnosis of the problem, and that the hands on examination and treatment are necessary.
  • The CSP guidelines recommend that following initial screening, deciding whether to see a patient face-to-face or not requires the clinician to consider risk – to the patient, themselves, and others in their clinical setting or the patient’s household. Clinicians should weigh up a variety of factors in order to make a balanced and reasoned decision on how to proceed. All decision making with appropriate rationale will be recorded in a patient’s clinical record. In short, the clinician must be able to justify that the benefits of seeing a patient face-to-face are demonstrably greater than the risks of infection transmission.
  • The therapist will discuss your condition and then decide with you if a visit to come into the clinic is required or a zoom consultation is sufficient.
  • Your therapist will book you into the clinic on the clinic office diary making it clear whether it is a clinic or a zoom appointment on the diary.
  • Your therapist will record the conversation, stating that the risks have been discussed and the clinical reasoning for needing a face to face consultation or a zoom meeting has been scheduled.

Patient consent to Treatment Form

All patients must sign a consent to treatment form that will include that they know the risks of having face to face treatment and that they sign to confirm that they have none of the known symptoms of Coronavirus.

A member of the customer service team will ensure this this is completed prior to treatment to safeguard you and the BWT staff.

Patient Protective Equipment

Each patient is required to wear a mask whilst in the building and will be required to use the sanitising gel provided in the porch and throughout the clinic.

Therapist Protective Equipment

In a setting where a patient is not diagnosed with or suspected of having Covid-19 the recommended PPE and BWT policy is that therapists must wear :

  • Disposable gloves single use
  • Disposable Plastic Apron single use
  • Fluid resistant Mask (Type 11R ) for session use
  • A​ll therapists have been trained in the correct application and removal of PPE

BWT therapists have the facility to use plastic face shields if the therapist wishes to do so. Therapists may wear their own goggles if they choose.

Discarding of PPE

There will be a bin with yellow bag for contaminated waste, by the exit in reception for patients to discard their mask and any other items such as tissues, as they leave the clinic.

The therapist will have the hazardous waste bin in their treatment room to discard their PPE.

Rebooking future Appointments

To avoid any overlap of patients in the reception area, when ever possible, the therapist will re-book the patient’s next appointment on Clinic Office in the treatment room.

Patients Leaving the Clinic and Paying

Patients that need to pay for their treatment will go to reception and pay by Card or BACS. We will not accept cash or cheques. Patients will leave through the reception doors directly into the Car Park.

Thank you for your understanding as we all familiarise ourselves with the ‘new normal’ we will look after you with the same expertise, care  and professionalism that you would expect from our team.

We shall all stay safe and stay well.