As a trusted professional service BWT physio is fully compliant with all government and professional body requirements.

We will safeguard both you and your therapist during face to face treatment.

BWT Practitioners continue to test regularly for COVID-19

So what should you expect of us?

  • Our customer service team will check that you and your household are not exhibiting any symptoms when you call to make an appointment
  • A therapist will call you prior to your clinic visit to carry out a telephone triage (assessment) – please see below.
  • On arrival please ring the doorbell to enter our socially distanced waiting area.
  • Treatment will be carried out in a fully ventilated room.
  • No fabric couch covers will be used. Couches will be wiped down with high alcohol content wipes and clean paper towel applied between each patient.
  • Entry and exit from the clinic will be safely managed by our customer service team.

Cleaning of rooms

Couches will be wiped down between each patient

Each customer service team member will clean their work station and PDQ at the start of each session, and will clean it before they leave.

Therapist Telephone Triage (Assessment)  Prior to Booking Appointment

  • All new and returning patients will be called by a therapist prior to booking their clinic treatment.

Patient consent to Treatment Form

All patients must sign a consent to treatment form

Patient Protective Equipment

It is no longer mandatory for patients to wear a face mask in clinic.However, we are mindful of the vulnerabilities of certain conditions and will of course wear a mask when required.

Please inform a member of the customer service team when you book your appointment, or speak to the physio who will conduct your clinical triage, to ensure your safety.

Therapist Protective Equipment

In a setting where a patient is not diagnosed with or suspected of having Covid-19 the  BWT policy is that therapists will respect the directive of the patient regarding the wearing of a face covering.

BWT therapists have the facility to use plastic face shields if the therapist wishes to do so. Therapists may wear their own goggles if they choose.

Discarding of PPE

There will be a bin with yellow bag for contaminated waste, by the exit in reception for patients to discard their mask and any other items such as tissues, as they leave the clinic.

The therapist will have the hazardous waste bin in their treatment room to discard their PPE.

Rebooking future Appointments

To avoid any overlap of patients in the reception area, when ever possible, the therapist will re-book the patient’s next appointment on Clinic Office in the treatment room.

Patients Leaving the Clinic and Paying

Patients that need to pay for their treatment will go to reception and pay by Card or BACS. We will not accept cash or cheques. Patients will leave through the reception doors directly into the Car Park.