Thea Downey

Thea graduated with a degree in Sport and Exercise science in 2006 followed by a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from Kings College London in 2008.

Working as a physiotherapist in a prestigious Hong Kong Clinic. Thea gained 7 years’ experience , treating a wide variety of conditions, with a specific interest in exercise based rehabilitation (short and longer term) of patients recovering from both injury and surgeries. Thea is experienced in analysing biomechanics; using video-analysed gait analysis to establish causative and contributing factors which may influence rehabilitation. Thea has a wealth of experience in both Musculoskeletal (MSK) problems and sports injuries providing on-field physiotherapy services to Hong Kong Rugby and Soccer Sections for over 2 years working with teams across all divisions, including The Rugby Premiership and elite rugby teams such as the Ladies under 19s Hong Kong 7’s.  As well as specialising in MSK conditions Thea has experience treating  pregnancy pelvic girdle pain. As a qualified Pilates Instructor Thea is available for 1:1 or small group Pilates sessions. As well as working in the corporate sector in Bournemouth Thea has clinics based at The West Hants Club.