Our beautiful, intimate studio is set in our headquarters location at Parkstone. All our teachers and therapists are experts in their classes and workshops to ensure you get the highest level of care and rehabilitation.

In line with COVID – 19 guidelines our Studio is closed at present. Please see our website for updates regarding services as they re-open.

If you want to learn more please click on the links below or call: 01202 749514


Yin yoga with Karen is a series of gentle sustained poses to help your health and wellbeing to reduce stress and anxiety.


Hatha Yoga with Zoe is a series of gentle poses aiming to improve balance and flexibility.


Astanga Yoga with Tania is a dynamic and face paced series of moves to strengthen and condition the body for performance.

Matwork Pilates

Pilates is as a concept teaches control, flow, balance, posture and core stability through a series of mat based exercises. We offer gentle through to performance sessions with Kat once you’ve been screened by a physiotherapist. This ensures you have the highest standard of core stability retraining specific to your needs.

We also offer bespoke sports specific Pilates workshops

Mummy Pilates

We offer three levels of Pilates for Mums delivered by our women’s health specialist Pilates instructor Bev.

  • Pilates for pregnancy helps you keep strong and flexible during pregnancy.
  • Pilates for new Mums helps you to recover your core control and strength after delivery
  • Pilates for Mums helps you reconnect to your core strength possibly after a long time following becoming a Mum

We also offer bespoke workshops for women’s health with Nicky

Ballet Barre

Our resident dance teacher Rachel offers ballet specific fitness and agility classes to music.

Strength For Life

Lorien offers strength and conditioning classes specific for clients over 60.

Back to Fitness

Tom offers fitness classes for those who have completed their course of physio and would like to return back to exercise.