Children and Physiotherapy

Children and adolescents can suffer just as much as adults from injury to their musculoskeletal system. However, the good news is that there is a tendency for more rapid tissue repair, their skeletons are more resilient, their muscles, tendons and ligaments are stronger and more elastic, and unlike the adult, the joint cartilage has some blood supply enabling some cartilaginous injuries an ability to heal to some extent.

The growing skeleton however, does have very specialised growth zones at the end of each long bone. These growth zones (epiphysis) are relatively weaker then the rest of the skeleton and, therefore, can be vulnerable to injury. If damaged, an uneven growth pattern can result, creating future problems.

If a growth zone injury is suspected a referral back to your GP or medical specialist is necessary for further investigations and management.

Specialist Physiotherapists at BWT Chartered Physiotherapists recognise the need for expert assessment of Children’s injuries.Complaiance is the key to success and you can be confident your child will have a sensitive yet pragmatic approach to their recovery.