Running Clinic

BWT Physio Running Clinic can assess, identify and treat many types of running injury and even enhance your diagnosis with a diagnostic ultrasound scan.
For example, BWT have identified stress fractures that cannot be picked up on x- ray and have successfully managed the rehab to return to running.

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A full biomechanical assessment of your running style, with video analysis to include:

Tom Jeffery is the a specialist in Sports Rehab. If you want evidence based treatment from a highly experienced therapist, with diagnostic ultrasound scanning qualifications, you have come to the right place.

Could your cadence or vertical oscillation be the cause of your running injury?

This research paper concludes that optimising your step rate and vertical migration (the up and down movement with each stride) can reduce the amount of force going through your joints therefore reducing your risk of injury.

Full free article text available here.