What is Pre-hab & What can you do?

If you want a speedy recovery and an overall successful outcome, you need to compliment the skill of your surgeon by giving him or her the best canvass to work on. You can get in shape with pre-hab before your surgery and start your  commitment to recovery even before your surgery has taken place

Effectiveness of pre-hab

  • The benefits of exercise before surgery are very clear: the more you can do for yourself physically before surgery, the better off you will be.
  • Patients who are more fit prior to surgery tend to have shorter hospital stays.
  • Control of swelling and bruising prior to surgery with treatments such as Game Ready can be of enormous benefit

The best approach to pre-hab is having a few individual sessions with a physio or rehab therapist who can tailor a package of strengthening and flexibility work for your needs to encourage the most efficient recovery rate post – surgery

Post –Op

Our physio and rehab therapists work closely with you and your consultant providing specific regimes for an optimal outcome following your surgery.

Individual sessions in the BWT clinics, gym or hydro pool at The West Hants Club can be arranged as part of your surgery package, maintaining continuity with your referring physio, who literally knows you inside out!

Just speak with your insurance provider or Consultant’s secretary to arrange this.