Management of Head Injury

BWT Physiotherapists and rehab therapists are here to help restore movement and function to as near normal as possible when someone is affected by a brain injury.

Our neuro team can start working with you right from the acute stage of brain injury by maintaining range of motion of joints by passive movement, stretchings and  correct positioning in splints. We will also teach family and caregivers how they can best help their loved one by moving the affected limbs, taking good care of their skin and ensuring a good posture at all times.

Our exercise and rehabilitation programme takes place as early as the patient can cope with it, moving the patient, changing postures within their environment and encouraging normal movement patterning to help minimise increased muscle tone (spasticity).

We believe that early mobilisation  from bed to chair/tilt table, standing or  walking should be carried out whenever possible and as soon as possible. Early mobilisation is essential to the re-education of movement and the aim of a return to as much independence as possible.

In the long term care phase, our aim is to maintain as many physical abilities as possible while monitoring for any changes that may occur. The level of input required will depend upon the extent of disability that the person lives with.

Maintenance of clear airways, strengthening and maintaining endurance of the active muscles, maintaining the range of motion in the joints and minimising adverse effects of increased tone.

We have helped many individuals with their individual care plans,

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