Exercise in a gym…

Our physiotherapists and sports therapists will tailor make a gym or home programme to maximise your recovery. BWT staff will help you to regain your confidence after injury or surgery by taking you through your paces on a 1:1 basis in our studio at Parkstone or in the state of the art gym at TheWest Hants Club.

After an individual assessment your physio or sports therapist will design an individual exercise programme to improve strength, flexibility, fitness and balance to promote recovery and prevent future injury.

Exercise in a pool…

The clinic at The West Hants  Club is also able to offer Hydrotherapy  which enables our physiotherapists to individually manage programmes for patients with weight bearing issues that could affect their recovery.

Back pain and post operative treatments are particularly successful.

Exclusive to BWT your progress can be monitored using diagnostic ultrasound to ensure your treatment regime is making a difference.

Please contact reception on 01202 749514 to arrange an appointment or to find out more about the available treatments.