Falls Prevention and Mobility

We want you to be safe and independent for as long as you can be.

Regular exercise can reduce your risk of falling. This might be simple activities to loosen up in the morning before you start your day. It might be walking or going dancing to the radio to keep fit, or it might involve a specialist programme with a physiotherapist or rehab therapist.

Weight-bearing exercise – where you support your own body weight through your feet and legs, or arms and hands – is good for helping to maintain balance and bone strength. Exercises to improve and maintain sensation in your feet and to keep the muscles and joints in your feet and ankles flexible are also useful.

How can BWT help?

We can help with balance issues in our Dizzy Clinic or

· Put together an exercise programme to improve your balance, strength or flexibility.

· Work with you in your home to identify any areas you may need advice about, and agree with you how you might reduce your risk of tripping and falling.

· Recommend what type of activity is safe and suitable for you and then book a return visit to keep your motivation up, challenge you and reward you with your activity levels and confidence topped up!

Read more in our blog on dizzines, vertigo and balance. https://www.bwtphysio.co.uk/2795-2/

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