We know how much it hurts!

Acute, Chronic, Complex, Referred Pain (Sciatica), you name it we can treat it.

Our therapists appreciate how back pain and sciatica interferes with your quality of life. We are interested in YOU and your back and why it might not be getting better.

We will assess, treat and get you back on track with a range of hands on manual treatment and make sure you stay that way with 1:1 Pilates or strength and conditioning rehab.

Back pain can be caused by the joints, ligaments, muscles or nerves that are associated with your spinal health. Our physios and rehab therapists will spend time listening to, and examining you, to provide you with Your individual, detailed assessment and treatment plan.


We have a wealth of experience treating –

  • General back pain (Lumbago)
  • Leg/Buttock pain (Sciatica)
  • Pre or Post Natal back pain
  • Prolapsed or ‘’Slipped” disc
  • Postural problems