What is it?

Parkinsons disease is a progressive neurological condition characterised by motor (movement) and non-motor problems. The main changes occur through a reduced production of important chemical messengers in the brain particularly the neurotransmitter dopamine.

The three main motor (movement) symptoms are bradykinesia (slowness), rigidity (stiffness) and tremor.

Diagnosis is usually based on clinical examination by a medical practitioner.   People with Parkinsons might suffer in the early stages with falling, increasing loss of confidence and independence and reduction in their quality of life

Drug therapy and deep brain stimulation can provide partial relief of symptoms but many people require additional support and BWT Physiotherapy is the recognised therapy of choice, BWT Physiotherapists are clinically effective in maintaining your movement, walking patterns and can assist you in maintaining your independence

What can BWT physiotherapy treatment do?

Physiotherapy treatment is supported by a growing evidence base of high quality research, which is informing best practice guidelines to best serve our patients

BWT Physiotherapists assess each individual according to the level of their disease and their individual needs.

BWT treatment will focus upon improving your physical well being, treatment will improve your quality of movement in your daily life through exercise and walking practice, balance training and falls prevention exercises.

Complicated movements such as getting in and out of the bath, or car, can be worked on together with BWT’s Physiotherapists to ensure that you remain as independent as possible.

BWT Physiotherapists will provide each individual patient with a specific exercise programme that can offset the effects of Parkinsons and will minimise deterioration in strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, maintaining a good quality of life and independence and healthy activity. 



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