Following a detailed assessment including a full medical history, Osteopathy recruits many techniques within in a treatment.

Each treatment is tailored towards the individual patient, including, soft tissue, myofascial release, muscle lengthening, joint mobilisation and when necessary joint manipulation – everything is always explained before and during a treatment.

A specific specialism within osteopathy that BWT has to offer is cranial osteopathy – which despite its name doesn’t just involve the head! By placing hands on the targeted area(s) and then applying a gentle pressure without any physical movement, the therapist encourages a balance and homeostasis within disturbances in tissues, increasing energy levels, releasing tension and aiding the ability to relax.

It is a very comfortable and relaxing form of treatment as there is no need to keep changing position once started.

Osteopathic procedures such as muscle energy techniques are used by both osteopath and physiotherapists within the BWT clinics, ensuring the best possible outcomes for every patient.

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