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• Telephone Volunteer Project
• January Achievements
• Case study
• Aphasia Choir
• Upcoming Workshops

Contacts: Faye Wright / Catriona Lee:


Often speaking on the telephone forms a real chal-lenge for people with aphasia, sometimes having to rely completely on communications partners either because of ability or lack of confidence.

uring C+ workshops this is often a recurrent theme. Remem- bering the ethos of C+ “The best therapy for talk-ing, is talking” (this quote left to C+ as a legacy from senior speech therapist Sharon Owen) and with the success of 1:1 short term telephone emo- tional support, thoughts were given on how we could take this further. In the last issue we asked “Is there a need..” and following some fantastic re-sponses we are now in the process of inducting two volunteers to provide activities and build confi-dence with using the telephone. Volunteers will be given communication training, ongoing supervision and provide activities which will include setting challenges, general discussion, and quizzes.

We hope that this new aspect to the C+ service will begin around September 2022. Please let us know if you have any feedback surrounding this exciting new venture.


Above: JC Crochet Coasters

Above: How one Christchurch patient described how he saw himself versus how others saw him

Tell your story from an improved jargon aphasic “I thought I said I need the toilet! I pulled my canula out and walked away. Of course I spoke gibberish and he thought I was mad”

January Achievements

During C+ Alderney, we discussed the importance of making small steps and pushing outside your comfort zone. RK mentioned that he had been putting off making his narrow gauge railway because of lack of confidence. He had to organise and purchase the machine he need-ed.

We spoke about planning. 1. How would you order (telephone, internet). 2. What you would need to order and ask for (to write it down). 3. How much it would cost (how you would pay and difficulties with making payments). 4. Potential questions that they might ask (name, address, when do you want delivery). RK was signposted to Men’s Shed Wareham, where he is now a member. This has enabled him to practice his communication skills and workmanship. He is also in the process of returning to work.

JC had difficulty following a crochet pattern (or recipe) following her stroke. “I just get fed up with it and thrown it behind the sofa. I haven’t finished anything since my stroke”. We spoke about techniques to help. For example: Breaking down the task into smaller steps, using a highlighter to emphasize the step you are on, ticking off completed steps, not trying to do the whole thing at once . She set herself the goal of finishing two coasters before the end of the workshop.

Case Study

JC attended C+ January with a Living with Aphasia score prior to the workshop of 114. Post work- shop this score rose to 140 demonstrating additional coping methods with her communication and confidence. During the workshop we addressed issues concerning her wellbeing when out and about; namely stress at shops, the post office and bus stops as JC felt she was a “burden”. The stroke had slowed her down but she felt pressure to do things quickly. Over the weeks we ad-dressed planning, taking time, decision making, memory difficulties and coping strategies. Through peer discussion we looked at the need to understand strengths and limitations to stroke recovery. By the end of the workshop JC commented “I’m going to be more independent, go out more . I have learned not to say Can’t.”

Aphasia Choir:

Following the amazing efforts from Ellen O’Connell to secure funding for the aphasia choir from Dragon’s Den for another year you can make referrals to this virtual short term venture at:

Really well done Ellen. As the choir has been such a suc- cess it will be great if we could see the aphasia choir a a staple for C+ in years to come?

Honourable Mention!!
Thankyou to Imogen Alpe who secured 5 iPads through Dragon’s Den. Watch this space for future updates on their implementation!

Up coming Workshops

We will be providing face-to-face workshops in Poole (Alderney Hospital) starting Tuesday May 10th – Full, Christchurch (Christchurch Hospital) starting Monday 9th May—full, Portland (Portland Hospital) starting Thursday 12th May—full. We still have patients waiting in North Dorset but do not have enough for a workshop—please re- fer! If you have any enquiries or referrals please do get in touch: