The foot is a complex structure of 26 bones 214 ligaments and 38 muscles. Not only does the foot cope with carrying the weight of our bodies over differing terrains in differing shoes but it also contends with issues of the joints of the back, pelvis and knee. Problems here can often create changes in how the foot functions as it hits the ground with every walking or running step that you take.

BWT know the importance of working with excellent Podiatrists and we are very lucky to have two highly experienced and expert podiatrists working as consultants to BWT.

Podiatrists assess the biomechanics of the foot and lower limb and can improve the function of the foot by prescribing insoles (orthotics) that may be simple devices or more customised devices which will involve taking a Plaster of Paris impression of your foot and sending this off to a laboratory with a prescription for the development of bespoke orthotics.

Jason Rendell consults mainly from our Bournemouth branch at West Hants in Talbot Woods. He has a thriving practice covering Bournemouth and the New Forest and currently offers his service to the Royal Marines in Poole keeping our service personnel with happy feet!

Jason autonomous practitioners but have also worked closely with Foot Consultants, GP’s and Physiotherapists throughout their careers.

BWT believe that our patients benefit from a multi -disciplinary approach to our patients recovery and rehabilitation and find that the insight from a podiatrist with regards to the individuals walking pattern and foot biomechanics is essential for our patient’s full recovery.



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