BWT physiotherapists are now equipped with The Alter G Bionic LegTM, a cutting edge piece of technology from Alter G. 

Anyone recovering from a vast array of neurological conditions; stroke, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries or even those recovering from orthopaedic surgery could benefit from the Alter G Bionic LegTM.

The Alter G Bionic LegTM can be individually customized for your size, and the on-board computer, adjusted for your strength and flexability. The Alter G Bionic LegTM helps regain your mobility and strength, allowing for walking or standing exercises even in patients with very limited mobility.

Sometimes even with a specialist therapist using elastic resistance or your own body weight, exercises can be too difficult or worse not challenging enough, and will provide limited and slow progress. The Alter G Bionic LegTM assists the therapist to create a safe environment for more challenging and rewarding exercises.

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As well as availability at our Neuro-rehab centre of excellence in Parkstone and The West Hants Club, BWT have a community team, able to see patients in Nursing Homes, Care Homes and even in the comfort of your own home to assist with travel difficulties.

For information regarding treatments tariffs or rental prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us at BWT Physiotherapy.