BWT was founded in 1987 by Vicki Rafferty (Burrows), Linda Whike, Debra Martin (Todd) joined from her clinic in South Africa by Christine Hopley. Each Director studied at one of the top 4 London teaching hospitals – King’s, St.Thomas’, Guy’s and St.Mary’s respectively. They share a joint belief and passion for the provision of a high-quality service covering all aspects of treatment for the body.

Now a leading team of Physiotherapists in the South. We consider the individual needs of our patients and profile match them to the right expert.

Established for over 30 years BWT physio has a reputation for effective and professional services.  Specialisms are available across many fields from back pain to migraine, stroke to pregnancy, sports injuries to balance and falls prevention. The core of  the business is the relationship with patients. Looking at the bigger picture in returning you to full function, liaising with medical colleagues and allied professionals such as rehab therapists, podiatrists, acupuncturists, Pilates and Yoga instructors. 

We continually invest in our team so that they have the best knowledge to invest in you. Our team includes

  • Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners,
  • Specialised Neurological Therapists,
  • Diagnostic Injury (MSK) Ultrasonography,
  • Specialised Sports and Rehabilitation Therapists,
  • Mummy MOT and Pink Ribbon Physiotherapists
  • Physiotherapist Pilates Instructors 
  • Massage Therapists.

Allied professionals include AcupuncturePodiatryWomen & Men’s Health Specialists