Your team delivering face to face consultations and treatment are:

Matt O’Neill, Tom Jeffery and Kate Veale now joined by Helen Beverley and John Phillips with Paul Houghoughi (Clinical Lead).

Paul will be available for diagnostic MSK Ultrasound scanning.

We are also  pleased to welcome back Nicky Forster and Susie Toms who will be starting their clinics through July and August.

The clinic will be open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings for pre-booked appointments.

BWT continue to offer virtual Physio & Rehab sessions, please click here to find out more.

Please call 01202 749514 to arrange your consultation.

Details of our policies and procedures can be found by clicking our ‘How we will keep you safe’ link below.

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Please contact us at or call 01202 749514  with any questions you may have.

Stay Safe and Stay Well from all the team at BWT


Detailed assessment, individually tailored treatment, personalised rehabilitation programmes, highly specialised therapists.

Your body really is our specialism.

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Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinics

The BWT Physiotherapy approach will gain an immediate solution to your problem through individual treatment that affects change from your first appointment. Our specialist diagnostic ultrasound service is available to compliment your diagnosis and precisely measure your progress. Sports specific clinics such as Runfit/ Body and Bike Fit with Golf, Tennis, football, rugby, sailing and climbing specialists to name a few sports specific specialists to choose from.

Diagnostic Ultrasonography

This is an exciting new addition to our services and exclusively offered at BWT Physio. The image produced provides an accurate picture of your injury or condition that not only enhances the accuracy of a clinical diagnosis but also monitors the recovery process. In addition to your Pilates, or Post Pregnancy return to activity we can measure and monitor your abdominal wall retraining.

The Abdominal and Pelvis Girdle Team

The trunk is a canister of muscles which supports the reproductive, urological and digestive organs. The muscles are also very important for spinal and bladder control. Injury to the back and pelvis, pregnancy or surgery to the abdomen can cause weakness and dysfunction to any of the above tissues. That’s why we have a dedicated team who specialise in the care of this area of the body. 

Osteopathy & Cranial-sacral Therapy

​Our osteopaths offers a traditional but bespoke manual and soft tissue therapy service which is tailored to restoring movement in your body.  We also specialise in cranial –sacral techniques which gently restore the balance and homeostasis within the tissues allowing improved healing and recovery. It is a very relaxing and comfortable form of treatment.

​Neuro Recovery

Specialist Neuro Physiotherapy has been proven to be the most clinically and cost-effective treatment for individuals who have suffered a stroke. The neuro rehab team also treat Parkinsons, head injury and other neurological conditions with the latest methods and equipment including PD Warrior Style treatment, the ARNI approach, Saeboflex and Bionic leg.

The Dizzy Clinic

​Our highly specialised vestibular therapists will carry out a thorough assessment to establish the underlying cause of your dizziness and will provide a customised vestibular treatment and rehabilitation programme.

Clear explanations of what is happening, and how you can manage your condition at home, will be given and where necessary regular reviews will be offered.


BWT studio is temporarily closed,
see facebook or updates for further news.

Home & Care home Visits

Our team of Physiotherapists can visit you (or your loved one) in their own home or care home environment to offer rehabilitation or treatments in a gentler or familiar environment. Please call 01202749514 to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Our therapists are skilled in connective tissue, sports injury and manual lymphatic drainage techniques. Massage can assist to relieve stress and tension headaches, increase mobility, improve blood-flow and posture. Regular massage can boost the immune system and aid recovery.

Help if you’re recovering from Covid-19