What is the SaeboFlex?

The SaeboFlex allows neurologically impaired individuals such as post stroke or head injury. By utilising the ability to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy and at home by supporting the weakened wrist, hand, and fingers. In addition, the SaeboFlex is non-electrically based and is purely mechanical.

The SaeboFlex positions the wrist and fingers into extension in preparation for functional activities. The user is able to grasp an embed by voluntarily flexing his or her fingers. The extension spring system assists in re-opening the hand to release the embed.

Why use the SaeboFlex?

The SaeboFlex will allow patients to immediately begin using their hand functionally in therapy and at home.  Even individuals up to 20 years post neurological injury can benifit from the SaeboFlex. In addition, the ability to use the hand in therapy or at home has been reported as extremely motivating during the recovery process.


SaeboFlex Classes

For details of BWT's SaeboFlex classes, please click here.


SaeboFlex Assessment

In order to meet the criteria, you must have some shoulder and elbow movement.  You must also be able to flex your fingers when your wrist is placed in extension with fingers extended.  Unlike Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (C.I.M.T.), you are not required to extend your wrist or open your fingers.  If you would like an assessment for yourself or for someone you know, please call us on 01202 749514 to arrange an appointment.



The single most limiting factor to regaining hand function following a stroke, besides the severity of the stroke, has been found to be soft tissue shortening of the long finger flexors. The neurologically impaired wrist and hand have been a challenge for therapists since the first splint was fabricated.

How is the SaeboStretch different?

  • Revolutionary new patented stretch technology allows the fingers to move through flexion caused by associated reactions and tone. In addition, it utilizes a low load long duration stretch to return the fingers to the desired position. Current devices on the market today use a static hand piece to address the dynamic hand. As the dynamic hand tries to move through flexion, the unbending static hand piece causes the PIP joints to flex and the DIP joints to hyperextend. The result is joint damage, deformities, hypermobility and contractures.

  • How many times have you or your patient's fingers pulled out of the splint? The new patent pending strapping system utilizes key anatomical points of control. The SaeboStretch has a series of slots and cut-outs that ensure an intimate fit that keep the fingers right where you want them.

  • The new strap design offers two major improvements. The first and most notable is the rubber backing. This helps prevent unwanted Velcro strap interlock, which increases ease and independence with donning and doffing, and ensures longer strap life. The second feature addresses functionality.  The volar surfaceis lined with a non-skid material that keep the fingers from pulling out of the straps and eventually the device.

  • The SaeboStretch includes three interchangeable hand pieces, each with a different grade of resistance. This feature further prevents joint damage and offers the therapist more options when addressing soft tissue shortening, hypertonicity and hypermobility.



The SaeboGlide (formally Hemi-Glide) is a new revolutionary product specifically designed to exercise the affected arm. It is the only device currently on the market that will challenge the stroke survivor at all stages of recovery.

The SaeboGlide offers a way to exercise the affected arm by using the gliding sleeve. Following placement of the hand onto the gliding sleeve, the distal support will allow the stroke survivor to perform various controlled upper extremity exercises at his or her appropriate strength level.


SaeboGlide Plus

The SaeboGlide Plus comes with a hand strap that stabilizes the hand to the gliding sleeve while exercising. The SaeboGlide Plus is most appropriate for individuals that have decreased hand strength.

Benefits of using the SaeboGlide:

* Can exercise your involved arm in all planes of movement
* Can be used in lying, sitting, and standing position
* Individuals with poor hand function can use the SaeboGlide with the hand strap
* Challenges you throughout all stages of recovery
* Comes with an easy-to-read instruction manual with over 50 pictures of recommended exercises


Saebo Reach

The SaeboReach is the newest upper extremity product in the Saebo family. Because function does not stop at the wrist and hand and since most neurologically involved patients exhibit elbow involvement, the SaeboReach will be ideal for this population.

Finally, there is a product that not only incorporates the hemiparetic wrist and hand but also the elbow. The SaeboReach is similar to the SaeboFlex® but also includes a custom-fabricated above-elbow attachment.

The SaeboReach addresses the neurologically involved elbow that cannot flex and extend during functional reaching activities. The custom-fabricated above-elbow cuff as well as the dynamic extension system allow patients to incorporate their elbow for functional reach during grasp and release activities.

If you or someone you know has suffered a stroke resulting in limited elbow, wrist and hand function, then the SaeboReach may be appropriate. 

Further information can be found on the official Saebo Website HERE

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