Postural Dysfunction

Often postural stresses can lead to prolonged loading of the area between the shoulder blades leading to rib dysfunctions. These can present in many ways the most common of which is elevated first and second ribs, often associated with increased muscle tone as well as mechanical or postural stress.

This can lead to headache, arm pain, pins and needles and breathing disturbances. When found in association with soft tissue shortening as a result of increased muscle tone, a diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome can be reached.

Poor ergonomics at work, in the car and at home can lead to a build up of repeated stresses on the same group of joints and soft tissues which in turn leads to secondary adaptive changes in soft tissue length and joint mobility. (Think of what happens when a wrist is put in plaster for a few weeks.)

Physiotherapy to correct soft tissue and muscle imbalances, mobilise joints and education regarding ergonomic stresses can be of great benefit. Pilates to improve posture and core stabilityis also helpful.






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